What are the costs?

Refundable Accommodation Payments (RAD)

These payments contribute towards the cost of accommodation in a residential aged care facility. It is only paid if the residents' assets exceed an amount determined by the government. The government stipulates all residents must retain a minimum asset value (This can be cash or property/assets), currently set at $59,500.00. The payment method for a RAD must be decided within 28 days of entering care.

The payment methods are as follows:

1. Refundable Accommodation Deposit ('RAD') – currently set at $400,000 for Karingal Seymour (correct as at 20 March 2024). The RAD is a lump sum payment and if paid in full, is fully refundable when the resident departs.

2. Daily Accommodation Payment ('DAP') – This is an interest payment on an outstanding balance of a RAD. Based on a RAD of $400,000, the DAP payable if no lump sum was paid is $91.83 per day (correct as at 20 March 2024). 

3. A combination of both.

An example of a payment method would be a payment of a $200,000 deposit paid (RAD) and the outstanding deposit of $200,000 is paid as a DAP (daily accommodation payment) of $45.91 per day. The DAP can be drawn down from the RAD (which will in time reduce the refundable portion) or can be paid as a seperate payment per month, leaving the RAD in tact at $200,000 fully refundable when a resident departs. A payment option can be calculated to suit individual circumstances.

Fully Supported Residents

Residents assessed as having less than $59,5000.00 in assets and income below $32,819.80 (single person) may be determined by the government as being a 'fully supported' resident and will have their accommodation costs fully paid by the government.

Supported Residents

A supported resident is one whose assets fall between $59,501.00 and $201,231.20 and their income is over $32,819.80 (including the aged pension). Those falling into this category may be asked to contribute to the cost of their care via a Daily Accommodation Contribution ('DAC') or a Refundable Accommodation Contribution ('RAC').

For further information about Accommodation Payments, please contact Larissa Deeble (Corporate Services Manager) on (03) 5735 2200 or to estimate the costs of aged care, visit;


All examples are intended as a guide only. Financial figures may vary depending on circumstances and government changes. Karingal Seymour recommends prospective residents seek independent financial advice regarding the payment of Accommodation Payments.